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Getting an idea into a law requires more than just words on a page.  Careful crafting, thoughtful deliberation, negotiation, collaboration, and a keen understanding of the process, the politics, and the people are what help set our firm apart. 

On both sides of the Hudson River, our firm possesses the experience to artfully draft concepts into legislation or regulations to accomplish your goals. 

In New York, our coalition building and legislative drafting helped in the fight to delay and initially defeat a costly and burdensome paid sick leave mandate, which ultimately led to a much better outcome; our thoughtful compromise with the Department of Health on menu labeling helped several trade associations; and our reasonable regulations regarding the use of New York City Parks for dogs helped strike a balance for all New Yorkers to enjoy limited park space. 

In New Jersey, our efforts led to the passage of a comprehensive telemedicine law, renewable energy projects, and the advance of specific life and health insurance services and products.

Whether your goals include persuading a legislature to pass a bill, or attempting to prevent legislation that may be harmful to your business, we can help chart the course from idea to enactment. 

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